OMS News: Reducing Paludism

Countries are fighint against paludism in a very storn way. Medical attention has improved a lot in many countries when it comes to the elimination of this disease.

OMS News: Reducing Paludism

A total of 57 countries have been able to reduce the amount of paludism cases for 2015 at least in a 75%. In that same period of time, 18 countries have been able to reduce in a 50% and 75% as well.

In Europe, there have been some cases of paludism among indigenes. There have been good advancements against that disease thanks to the effort of the OMS.

Also, the usage of mails that have been treated with insecticide (against mosquitoes) has been a very useful idea so that this disease can be diminished.

The OMS is still looking to improve the situation in different regions and actually, this is something that should be growing gradually around the whole world. It is not an easy task for sure but it is not supposed to be easy either. The OMS will do great efforts in order to combat it and hopefully, many people around the world will be benefited at the end.

OMS News: Reducing Paludism

Remember that we are talking about a disease that is not easy to combat mainly because of the existence of mosquitoes around the world. Since these insects are around the whole world, it is a huge task to diminish their population until a safe point.

In this sense it is also advisable that people around the world learn about the many ways in which this disease could be prevented and also learn more tips so that they can avoid any risky situation that could be produced by paludism. Learn as much as possible so you can have a better preparation against paludism and other diseases.


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