Daniel Esgardo Rangel Barón: DotMD 2019 – Celebrating Medicine’s Human Side

It’s no secret that medicine is changing. Technology is redefining everything about what it is to be a clinician. Precision medicine is reducing the human to its most fundamental parts. Clinical industrialization is reducing physicians to line workers.

And the stats on burnout among health professionals show that we’re having a hard time with the transition.

Solution: We need pull the lens back for a broader view. It’s time to rediscover where we fit in to the broader story of the human experience.

Enter DotMD, a meeting designed to rekindle our passion and purpose in medicine.

What is DotMD?

DotMD is a celebration of medicine’s weird, human side. It boldly aims to reawaken a sense of curiosity about medicine that so many of us have lost along the way. Launched in 2012, DotMD has headlined luminaries like Samuel Shem, Panti Bliss and ZDoggMD (to name a few). This year the festival is back as a two day event in Galway on September 13-14, 2019.

Under the leadership of Ronan Kavanagh (the festival’s intellectual midwife), Alan Coss and Muiris Houston, the DotMD team has scoured the globe looking for unique insight and passion. And they’ve uncovered some remarkable names from the world of arts, humanities and medical technology.

DotMD’s speaker line-up

Check out the early speaker line-up:

Colum McCann will explore what has happened to the art of listening and how might this apply to the world of medicine. Canadian emergency medicine physician, broadcaster and author Brian Goldman will be sharing his thoughts on empathy in healthcare – the subject of his most recent book, bb. From DotMD class of 2012, we’ll see the return of arts and medicine aficionado, Alexa Miller. British psychologist Caroline Elton will address the assumption that patient-centeredness is always a “good thing.” Good death guru Kathryn Mannixalso will explore the familiar process of dying and how it might be de-medicalized. Psychiatrist and author of the The Zombie Autopsies, Steve Schlozman, will discuss the zombie invasion of healthcare

I’m thrilled to be back at DotMD this year. Drawing on a decade of observations on this site, I’ll approach the growing challenge of being human in a digital age. This should be as fun to deliver as it will be to create.

Beyond a curriculum including many more speakers, DotMD 2019 will offer the opportunity to connect with others seeking the reimagination our place in medicine.

Come to Galway for DotMD

Registration for dotMD 2019 opens on Monday January 28th, 2019 at www.dotMD.ie. Jump on the DotMD 2019 newsletter for news and updates. Previous meetings have sold out within hours so register early!

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